Current dog

Recorded in the streets of Mexico, USA. The poor old dog was lost and could not be found.

Followed by four small children. People often see it every day in the luxury neighborhood. Named Sally by everyone close to her.

It’s too bad that no one adopts Sally and her four kids. It still hangs around begging to feed its cubs every day. While it’s body has gradually become thin, old, its ungroomed coat is growing longer and dirty.

The image of Sally is received by her at a supermarket, it appears here every night and waits until the supermarket lights out, to ask for leftovers from customers or items that are nearing expiration date.

“The dog often gets pieces of bread, or hot dogs, or leftovers from customers,” the employee said.

I really hope someone loves and takes him home with his cubs, raises him and gives him a wonderful family!

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