Does the mother cat suffer too much pain?

In a Korean family, there are 2 cute cats, a baby named youngji and a baby named Naru. One day, youngji – the cat suddenly attacked the owner, causing them to suffer scratches and bruises. Because it was so aggressive, all members could not resist, fortunately the Naru was its close friend, and promptly stopped Ji’s attacks.

The family had to lock Ji in a separate room, if it was necessary to clean it, the family members had to dress them carefully. During a cleaning session, the cat Ji escaped and suddenly attacked everyone. Because they were so scared, they had to ask for help from the rescue team. When the rescue team arrived, Ji attacked even a lifeguard, the Naru arrived in time to stop it, but it still left the staff several scratches.

Learn more about Ji’s story before, everyone was surprised, the nurses secretly sympathized with the fate of the little cat!

The story begins a few months ago. Cat Ji gave birth to 7 children, but one of them died in her stomach due to suffocation. After that, 3 kittens also got sick one by one and did not live anymore. At this point, Ji cat started to be different, angry, and scary, it even attacked the remaining 3 cats. It thought that all its misfortunes and sufferings were caused by its master, so it turned to attack them.

Psychiatrists and nurses seem to have understood her pain, diagnosing her with very serious emotional trauma. They have a plan to treat this damage.

They bought him a new home, gave him a cozy and secluded space, put him next to a sandbox so he could go to the bathroom on his own, and gave him new toys. Place in it a tray of medicated food and water. Then lured it from the old barn, Ji initially withdrew but then also moved to a new place, it smelled the aroma from its favorite food. Feel secure about this house. It starts to eat and enjoy.

Gradually, the owner was able to approach and stroke it. Hopefully, Ji will quickly recover to her original state with the help of doctors.

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