Cat Buddhist

The Buddhas from a temple in Korea, when entering the main shrine, can’t take their eyes off a cat. The uncle was named Tieu Ly, the image of a cat lying on the side, eyes closed, front legs to be folded neatly, face always towards the statue of Buddha, sincere.

The cat was raised by the monk when he was young, because he once got lost and met the abbot in the temple. Since then, Tieu Ly has followed her master to become vegetarian and recite Buddha’s name. Every Buddhist entering the temple does not dare to show teasing or disrespect. Every day after waking up, hearing the bells from the main church, he ran up to perform rituals and chanted sutras. After hearing the next bell, signaling the end of the ceremony, he yawned and ran to the monk’s room begging for food.

One day, to test the cat’s spiritual level, the monk gave it the food that ordinary cats like: dried fish, pate, meat, and placed it in front of the cat. Poor cat doesn’t understand anything. The monk gave it a delicious piece of fish, Tieu Ly just smelled it, then turned away. It doesn’t even need a plate of fragrant pate. The strange thing is, people have caught Tieu Ly eating grass.

Master recounted: One day, Tieu Ly caught a rat, which cried out as if to call for a monk. When the master arrived, Tieu Ly handed over the rat, then arrogantly left, not wanting to eat even a piece.

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